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  • In RUSSIA :

    For some months, a very amazing site was set up by a particularly cultivated and researched art collector. It is about a very strict and clever selection over three centuries of painting (18th, 19th and 20th century). Chosen pictures (about two hundred) are classified by topics (travels, dance, landscapes etc..) Georgette Dupouy already appears in the "travel" selection next to Van Gogh, Pissaro, Munch, Colville and others very big names with his « railway station of Thionville » .
    Very recently a new blog was created, only dedicated to the work of Georgette Dupouy; it is very well made and deserves that you had a quick look there even if you do not always understand the text.

    In here is the key :   >The Russian Website of "Vladimir"<   >The Russian Blog< 

  • From february 6th until march 31st : Mrs Claude LALANNE - sculpture

  • 2009 october 10th : Pierre Christian TAITTINGER

  • 2009 septembre : midday edtion of France 3's TV news

  • 2009 from september 1st to september 30th : Exhibition of the Gascogne Palaeontological Association, from chimeras of Babylon to "sirens" of Aquitaine

  • 2009 july 8th : Inauguration of museum Georgette Dupouy, at Dax

  • 2008 march 25th : Georgette Dupouy's paintings enter the "musée Vouland" of Avignon

  • 2008 january 23rd : Georgette Dupouy's paintings enter the "musée Edith Piaf" and the "musée de la Chanson Française"

  • 2008 january 22nd : Georgette Dupouy's paintings enter the "musée de la Chasse et de la Nature" of Paris

and of course,
Continuous exhibition : whole year long at the Internationale Academy of arts Georgette DUPOUY, Place du Présidial 40100 DAX.

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