The New museum Georgette Dupouy is located in the very center of Dax, place du Présidial, half way between the “Fontaine Chaude” and “Dax’s Cathedral”.
The Museum is privately owned, created and administrated by an association under the French law ”loi 1901” in partnership with the town of Dax.

The Museum presents within its vast, modern and warming showroom, an assortment of paintings representing the atypical and binding oeuvre of this artist unjustly unknown to the general public, whose pictures hung for more than twenty years beside the painting of the most famous of artists and in the most renowned of art galleries. (see awards)

Sixty or so paintings are exposed permanently as well as a number of sketches and other documents; her workshop “studio” has been symbolically recreated, permitting visitors to enter her poetic and charmed world. Striking portraits, dazzling or mournful flowers, the quiet and peaceful life, impressions of serenity hanging alongside magnificent local landscapes of the “Landes” or other regions painted during her many journeys within France or other European countries (England, Spain, Italy, Holland, etc...)

This artist that Bernard Dorival qualified as “a real painter”, of whom Utrillo said “you paint like my mother” will surprise more than one. What’s awaiting you, for the eye an amazement, for the mind an enrichment, but most of all for the soul a real blessing.

If you are in a state of grace or under the charm... please!
Open every days from 2pm to 6pm - Sunday from 3pm to 6pm


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