DAX, February the 4th of 1955

For the futur

1 - Always stay yourself, ie the fringes of your studies in drawing, perspective, composition and all the lessons to come, you must keep your line clean, your ideas and your own way of seeing things. This is your treasure inside that nothing can and should be destroyed.

2 Always work through observation and follow your emotions sad or serene, train your visual memory triggered by emotional shock to create the mental image that becomes your canvas the essential expression of your deepest self.

3- Keep your own color to the real and imagined without wishing to reproduce in future works already made and views around you.

4 Think your last picture is like the first test you do, in fact it is the culmination of all the others, but do not remember ever watching the previous ones, you know that the best is not yet done.

5 Do not hold opinions, criticisms or compliments on your research, one person likes and understands, the other not unimportant, follow your line right artist who spent his life trying to create a sincere work unlike anyone else in the world.

6 And finally, you're alone with time, years, missed the tables and those who are beautiful will slowly acquire the vision, your judgment modest and sincere will do the rest. Be glad to have worked well for having dared to do something, but do not be satisfied with you long each painting your knowledge prepares the next... and this whole life as an artist ... "true".

7 If you are gay, work! If you are sad, work! If you're tired, then stop!

Georgette DUPOUY

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