Georgette Dupouy, was without doubt one of the most authentic and prolific painters, with a collection of almost two thousand paintings owned by collectors the world over, and one of the most representative artists of this period, her paintings were not only exhibited in the most famous and prestigious of art galleries but also hung next to the most distinguished artists of the XXth century (see honours list).

But this woman “inhabited” by her art, committed the UN-REPAIRABLE : Solicited by the most important and leading art dealers, she refused categorically to enter the system, accepting no compromises for the sole pleasure of staying “herself”.
Her exceptional collection of pictures are the consequence and direct result of this attitude.

In a world essentially ruled by the market place, and where only the main art dealers decide on the eventual career or not of an artist, independently of any consideration for their artistic values, where the big museums are unable to exhibit pictures other than by report to their market value, this magnificent oeuvre was on the verge of being forgotten.

Our association under the French law 1901 (none profit making), was created in 1994. Since then we have reassembled more than a 100 major paintings and created in Dax the Museum Georgette Dupouy. None of the exhibits are on sale.
Our goal; to promote the artist and her oeuvre (paintings), so as she may have once again the place she merits among the artists of the XXth century.

Our action is essentially benevolent, none of the paintings will ever be sold. We are climbing slowly but surely, without public money, aide or encouragement from the “official cultural institutions” a very hard path, but the results are becoming more and more gratifying. Our membership is our strength; as of today it has grown to more than 250 members throughout France and Europe.

Vision attentively our web site (http://ass.gdupouy.free.fr), in order to make your own opinion, and if you find our efforts and quest justified why not join us, adhere at our sides, we’re waiting for you.

The museum is open every day in the heart of Dax. If you ever pass through our beautiful region don’t hesitate, make a small detour come and see us, you’ll be very surprised and I’m sure convinced.

Sincerely yours
           The President of the Association
           Serge DOM PEDRO GILLOT

For further information address your e-mails to ass.gdupouy@free.fr

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