Many years ago, Paul and Serge, two very dear friends of mine, had invited me to come to Dax, so I went to. No sooner had I arrived they told me: "You should make Georgette Dupouy's acquaintance, we'll bring you to her home and you'll see." And I saw...

A big garden, quite wild. Creatures running everywhere. The plaintive noise of the wind in pine trees. A vast low-roofed. house. Inside, there were no walls: only paintings, big, medium-sized, small ones, hung at random.

The welcoming of the house hostess was ample, warm, metaphysical. She was not only a woman who was receiving me, she was a hurricane, but a very darn likeable hurricane. I was very quickly overwhelmed, conquered, down at her feet.

She talked and talked. She uttered fantastic opinions on herself, men and painting above all. Her spontaneous and poetic comment helped to understand better the canvasses she sumptuously gave birth to. She never confided in pretentious words: it was simple, evident, cosmic.

Where did such a humane intensity, genuine enthusiasm, internal vibration and contagious communion emerge from?

I only met Georgette Dupouy once, yet how unique it was! I have never returned to Dax. We wrote to each other. I will always remember the shattering letter she sent to me as she was experiencing a cruel mourning: She had unveiled her panting heart in the envelope...

Her painting? I am no art critic. I know, Georgette Dupouy was compared to some great painters of the late last century, especially to, Van Gogh. Maybe a true artist does not deserve to be compared to one of his peers?...

Two things essentially stroke and moved the layman I am: on the one hand, the steady building of Georgette Dupouy's canvasses (I like painters who are somewhat architects such as Pieri Delle Francesca); on the other hand, I admired the melancholy serenity that pervades most of her paintings.

In Georgette Dupouy, the art of composition satisfies the spirit, as the "the combined use of sadness and beauty moves the soul.

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